As an American that lives in the “southern region” I’m surrounded by a fundamentalism that is taken for granted. As introduction I share this as the turning point of my realization that I didn’t believe in religious faith that includes hate. I didn’t have the words to describe it until this song made it clear to me.

I was sent to a protestant church early on and during summer the church would send a refurbished school bus dubbed “The Joy Bus” around Sunday morning to collect the kids for bible school then my parents would join us later for chapel service.

Then my folks stopped going but still required us to ride the “The Joy Bus” since it would also bring us back. I left religion the morning I told my Dad I wasn’t going anymore I was tired of the ridicule from school mates and since they weren’t going anymore I didn’t see the need either.

Dad agreed but said I still had to believe in God so I nodded OK and played the game of acting like I believed but the hypocrisy was clear.

I tried to be “spiritual” but that was just accepting the God Illusion by masking it with natural forces. But I’ve found I have to face the more than real possibility that after we die it’s just lights out and listening to moral reasoning from a “God that Hates’ is intimidation to be mild and enslavement to be explicit.

So here I am 40 years later finding the courage to say…you can call me faithless.

I’ve got my own moral compass to steer by.
A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky
and all the preaching voices–
empty vessels ring so loud
as they move among the crowd.
Fools and thieves are well disquised
in the temple and marketplace.

Like a stone in the river
against the floods of spring
I will quietly resist.

Like the willows in the wind
or the cliffs along the ocean
I will quietly resist.

I don’t have faith in faith.
I don’t beleive in belief.
You can call me faithless
but I still cling to hope.
And I believe in love
and that’s faith enough for me.

I’ve got my own spirit level for balance
to tell if my choice is leading up or down.
And all the shouting voices
try to throw me off course.
Some by sermons, some by force.
Fools and thieves are dangerous
in the temple and marketplace.

Like a forest bows to winter
beneath the deep white silence
I will quietly resist.

Like a flower in the desert
that only blooms at night
I will quietly resist.


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